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Will Porsche unveil their new track orientated Taycan next week?

Porsche may not openly acknowledge it, but there likely was a sense of disappointment in Stuttgart when the Tesla Model S Plaid outpaced the Taycan Turbo S at the Nürburgring last year. In response, Porsche is gearing up to introduce an enhanced version of the Taycan, potentially named the Turbo GT, set to be unveiled on March 11th.

Last year, the Turbo GT was spotted testing in prototype form at the Nürburgring, where it recorded an impressive lap time of 7:07.55, surpassing the Model S Plaid but falling short of the Rimac Nevera's record. Alongside the updates applied to the facelifted Taycan, the Turbo GT will feature a bespoke chassis setup and aero kit inspired by Porsche's GT models.

The Turbo GT's design includes front and rear bumpers resembling those of the new Turbo and Turbo S models, with added aerodynamic elements like a front splitter, aero flicks, and GT-specific aero extensions. Additionally, it boasts a large fixed rear wing, a departure from previous Taycan models.

Beyond aerodynamics, the Turbo GT will benefit from bespoke suspension components and tuning by Porsche's GT engineering team. It may also incorporate the Taycan's optional Active Ride suspension technology for enhanced driving dynamics.

While the Turbo GT is expected to retain a dual electric motor setup, its power output remains uncertain. However, it's unlikely to surpass the Turbo S's 939bhp peak output, which already delivers exhilarating performance.

Improvements in weight reduction would be appreciated, especially considering the Turbo S's hefty 2295kg. Despite potential range reductions due to added aero features and sticky tires, the Turbo GT's peak charging rate of 320kW should facilitate rapid charging at compatible stations.

Inside, the Turbo GT will feature the same updated infotainment system and Apple CarPlay+ integration as other Taycan models, but with a more focused driving environment, characterised by GT-style carbon bucket seats and Alcantara surfaces.

Although pricing details for the Taycan Turbo GT remain undisclosed, as the ultimate electric Porsche, it's expected to come with a significant price tag, potentially exceeding £200,000 with additional options, considering the Turbo S's starting price of £161,400.

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