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- Introducing the formidable Taycan Turbo GT, boasting a remarkable horsepower exceeding 1,000.

  • Positioned to rival the Tesla Model S Plaid.

  • Accelerates from 0 to 62mph in just 2.2 seconds.

  • Already secured lap records at the Nurburgring and Laguna Seca.

  • Offers an optional Weissach package for enhanced track performance and reduced weight.

  • Delivers performance on par with Tesla's flagship models.

  • Scheduled deliveries begin in the spring.

  • Available at a starting price of £186,300.


Porsche's response to the Tesla Model S Plaid showcases an impressive 1,108 horsepower, securing its place as the record-holder for series production electric cars at the renowned Nurburgring, completing the lap in just 7:07.55. In comparison, the Tesla Model S achieved a time of 7:25.23 for the same circuit. Notably, the Taycan also reigns supreme at California's Laguna Seca raceway.

Porsche asserts that the Taycan Turbo GT achieves an exhilarating 0-62mph acceleration in a mere 2.2 seconds when equipped with the track-oriented Weissach pack, while standard models require 2.3 seconds. .

However, the Taycan's formidable power isn't constantly engaged. In regular driving conditions, it operates at a modest 789hp. Engaging launch control enhances power to 1,033hp, while activating the 'Attack' Mode temporarily unleashes the full 1,108hp potential. This mode can be accessed either through the driving mode selector or swiftly by pulling the right-hand steering wheel paddle.

Further enhancements include weight reduction measures, with a notable 75kg shaved off the standard Taycan Turbo S through extensive utilisation of carbon fiber on components like the door pillar trims, bucket seats, and luggage compartment. Additionally, Porsche has incorporated lightweight alloy wheels and foregone the soft-close feature on the boot to achieve additional weight savings.

All Turbo GT models come equipped with Porsche's Active Ride suspension system, which dynamically adjusts to varying road conditions to enhance traction. Complementing this is the installation of lightweight and high-performance carbon-ceramic brakes, ensuring minimal fade during braking manoeuvres. Despite these performance-focused upgrades, the Taycan Turbo GT offers a commendable range of up to 345 miles on a single charge, albeit the lowest figure within the updated Taycan range.

Externally, the Turbo GT is distinguishable by its unique front and rear spoilers, gold brake calipers, and exclusive paint options such as Pale Blue and Purple Sky Metallic. Inside, the notable inclusion of full bucket seats enhances the driving experience, while optional blue or silver trim options allow for personalisation.

However, vehicles equipped with the Weissach package present a distinct departure in interior configuration. Foregoing rear seats, they instead feature a carbon-fibre storage box accessible through the rear doors. Additionally, these models offer reduced sound insulation, absence of floor or boot mats, a single charging port, and a lighter sound system sans rear speakers.

Starting at £186,300, the Taycan Turbo GT represents a significant step up from the £161,400 price tag of the Taycan Turbo S or the approximately £113,000 required for a Tesla Model S Plaid. For more details on the revamped Porsche Taycan lineup, continue reading below.


New Porsche Taycan design

Porsche typically refrains from drastic aesthetic changes in its flagship models, opting instead for subtle updates to maintain a contemporary appearance. In the case of the refreshed Taycan, this approach translates to a subtle yet effective facelift.

At the front, the Taycan receives newly designed headlights that seamlessly integrate with the bodywork, replacing the slightly recessed units of the previous model. A redesigned front bumper featuring distinct air intakes further enhances the vehicle's visual appeal, while Turbo models exude a more assertive feel.

On the sides, the most notable updates include fresh alloy wheel designs. Standard 19-inch wheels are offered, with optional 21-inch variants available for those seeking a sportier look and feel.

Moving to the rear, subtle refinements contribute to the Taycan's overall allure. A tweaked light bar, optionally adorned with illuminated Porsche script, serves as a distinctive feature, accompanied by a revised lower bumper to differentiate it from its predecessor.

New Porsche Taycan batteries and range

The new Porsche Taycan offers a choice between two battery options: a 97kWh pack or an 82kWh unit. Opting for the latter provides an impressive range of up to 367 miles, while the larger battery extends this range to an astounding 421 miles.

This represents a remarkable 35% improvement over the previous model's range and surpasses the range of competitors such as the Tesla Model S by approximately 25 miles, and the Mercedes EQE by over 40 miles.

In addition to enhancing range, Porsche has also boosted the charging speed of the new Taycan with 300kW DC capability. This advancement halves the time required to charge from 10-80%, achieving this feat in just 18 minutes despite the larger battery capacity.


New Porsche Taycan motors and performance

In addition to extending its range, the latest Porsche Taycan boasts enhanced power compared to its predecessor. The top-tier Turbo GT variant now delivers an impressive level of performance that rivals even the formidable Tesla Model S Plaid.

While the outgoing Turbo S model featured a robust 761 horsepower generated by its dual electric motors, this has been increased slightly to 775 horsepower. However, the real standout is the new Turbo GT, which achieves an astonishing 1,108 horsepower. Moreover, a newly introduced launch mode optimally distributes this power to all four wheels, ensuring maximum acceleration off the line.

As a result, the Taycan Turbo GT achieves a remarkable 0-62mph sprint in just 2.2 seconds. While this appears slightly slower on paper than the Tesla Model S Plaid's claimed time, it's essential to note that Tesla measures acceleration from 0-60mph using a one-foot rollout technique. This method tends to provide slightly flattering results, suggesting that in real-world scenarios, the performance of these two vehicles will likely be very closely matched.


How much is the new Porsche Taycan?

The latest Porsche Taycan is now open for orders, with pricing commencing at £86,500. While this represents a premium of over £7,000 compared to its predecessor, the enhanced range and performance make it a worthwhile investment.

For those seeking the top-tier Turbo S model, the price escalates significantly to £161,400. Moreover, with the possibility to customise with various options, this figure can rise even higher. Meanwhile, the Turbo GT variant starts from £186,300, offering an elevated level of performance for discerning enthusiasts.

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