From performance coupés to sport SUVs and even motorhomes, we will find the best solution to secure the vehicle you want.


Our vision is to change the way people experience finance

Approved Motor Finance is one of the fastest-growing finance brokerages in the UK. With over 30+ years of experience in the finance arena, our team specialises in securing funding. Unlike traditional high street banks and lenders, Approved understands that clients need faster finance solutions - so you can make decisions quickly and efficiently allowing you to seize the opportunity to purchase your dream car.

Our finance product range is extensive, including Personal Contract Purchase to Hire Purchase and even Refinance.




Approved Motor Finance will provide you with a fast decision so you can pick up your new car sooner.



PCP, HP, or Refinance, we've got the right solution for you, whatever the age or value of the car.



With our 70+ strong lender panel, we will be able to source a package that suits both you and the car.



From performance coupés to motorhomes, we know car finance. Our best-in-class rates are unmatched.

Are you looking for a transparent car finance with no hidden fees and no hassle?

We take the hassle out of applying for car finance, so you can concentrate on what's most important (like picking your dream car). Our pricing is fair, straightforward and transparent. Sound good? Get A Quote Today!

Car Finance FAQ

Why should I choose Approved Motor Finance over the dealer finance?

From our knowledge of the industry, we understand that our access to over 70+ lenders will ensure that we secure the best finance agreement for our customers. We're able to not only secure a better rate, but our speed of service and flexibility to deal with various parties is unrivalled. For more information on our finance products, please call 01908 429888 or email

How long does the finance process take?

Finance can be arranged in as little as 24 hours. Our flexibility means we can secure finance when required by the client or dealer.

Are there any limitations on where I can buy my car?

Approved Motor Finance can work alongside any UK-based Motor Dealer, Auction House or Private Seller.

How much deposit will I need?

We normally require a deposit of 10-20%. The exact figure will depend on varying factors including your financial situation and whether you are buying a new or used car. It is possible to secure finance without a deposit, while you may also need to pay a higher deposit if you wish to obtain a lower rate. However, there are a few agreements that do not require any deposit, whereas others may ask for up to 30 per cent to qualify for a low interest rate. Higher deposits will result in a lower monthly repayment.

Can I settle the finance agreement early?

Ofcourse, however charges may apply depending on your agreement. If you wish to settle your agreement early or require more information, please call 01908 429888 or email