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Mercedes are advancing towards their declared goal of 'electric-only… even the most unlikely candidates are being shifted to battery power.

Welcome to the Mercedes EQG. Previously revealed at the Munich motor show as a concept, but coming very soon as a production car.

At first, it might seem like the polar opposite of all the thuggish V8 G63 stands for. And yet Mercedes says it will be just as capable off-road as the combustion version. Four motors are the key: one for each wheel, for what should be astounding traction and controllability, with max torque at zero revs. They'll have two-speed transmissions too.

The EQG will keep the ladder-frame chassis and live rear axle of the regular G-Class. So it's not some wimpish crossover. The batteries, of unspecified capacity at this stage, will be wedged into that chassis frame. That'll keep the center of gravity low, a handy thing when you're dangling on some hillside at an improbable angle. It'll also have the gumption to climb a 45-degree slope.

It's a concept, so natch gets some spangly concept design tweaks, not all of which will make production. We can't see the polished 22s being the ideal wheel for forging a path between rocks. The exterior protection strips have been backlit, and there's also a roof rack with peripheral strip lights. The two-tone paint emphasises the clamshell bonnet. Instead of the tailgate spare wheel cover, there's a box for the charge cables.



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