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The FV Frangivento Sorpasso is today’s new supercar

Designed and built in Italy, the striking Sorpasso GTXX uses a 799bhp V10

Listen up Internet, we have a brand-new supercar to tell you about. Yep, another one…

Anyway, please say a warm and not too sceptical welcome to the rather bonkers-looking FV Frangivento Sorpasso. Pretty rad isn’t it? Just check out that busy rear end – we might need a lie down.

FV Frangivento is based in Turin and its co-founder and art director Giorgio Pirolo says the Sorpasso was inspired by cars like the Ferrari Dino and the Lamborghini Miura. Hmmm. Don’t assume this is all talk and vapourware though; the first examples will apparently be delivered to their new owners in Monte Carlo and the United Arab Emirates by the end of July. Crikey.

More detail, then. There’ll be two different versions of the Sorpasso – known as the Stradale and the GTXX. Both will get a V10 engine and all-wheel drive, but the Stradale (shown above) will be naturally aspirated with 602bhp, whilst the GTXX will get GT3-inspired aero and a supercharger for 799bhp. It’ll still be fully road-legal though.

We haven’t been shown the interior as of yet, but FV says it’ll be full of leather and Alcantara, and that it’ll be equipped with something called an ‘Avatar Driving System’ that apparently acts as “an intelligent co-driver, with customisable human features, with whom it is possible to interact using natural language just like with a travel companion.” Sounds a little depressing, doesn’t it?

Apparently, there’ll be fairly major customisation options too, with customers able to work alongside the stylists to create their own car. Oh, and FV is promising delivery just 150 days after your order. Partners and suppliers include Brembo, Sparco, OZ and Pirelli to name but a few.



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