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Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Im thrilled to share that have secured an incredible £90,100 Hire purchjase(HP) finance deal for a brand new BMW M3 Touring!

Leveraging our vast network of 125+ lenders, I crafted a customised HP Finance Deal for our valued client, featuring an initial deposit, 48 manageable monthly payments, and the added flexibility of an optional balloon payment after the agreement.

HP structure offers control with a customisable deposit, repayment term, and ownership of the car at the end, while optional balloon payment reduces monthly costs and provides access to refinancing options. Please note that the provided information serves as a general guide and may vary depending on interest rates, residual values, specific client details, and terms and conditions.

Ready to turn your dream car into a reality by reaching out to our dedicated motor finance team at 01908 429888 or via email at , or

Lets make your luxury car dreams come true!

For any quick car guidance, please refer to our BMW specific buyers guide found HERE



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