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Timeless British elegance meets exhilarating performance - our buyer's guide is your key to understanding the luxury, heritage, and sophistication that define these iconic automobiles.


Current market

Peak Performance

Choice has never been a term extensively employed in the realm of Aston Martin. Historically, the company has adhered to a practice of manufacturing one vehicle at a time, with subtle variations to indulge in, yet not to the extent of overwhelming their small workforce. Even in the present day, opting to purchase an Aston Martin presents a limited array of decisions to contemplate.


The existing lineup consists of the Vantage, DB12, and DBS Superleggera, the latter being a performance iteration of the somewhat criticized DB11. However, Aston Martin is poised to introduce diversity into its offerings with the forthcoming production of the DBX SUV and the highly exclusive Valkyrie hypercar. Regarding the classic models, the DB and early Vantage series have attained previously unimaginable values in recent times and serve as reasonably secure investments for those with considerable financial resources.


Even the more contemporary and less coveted vehicles that sustained the brand during challenging periods have experienced an unexpected resurgence, buoyed by their relative scarcity and the prestige associated with the brand. Furthermore, the enduring association with James Bond continues to elevate the historical and current offerings of Aston Martin in popular culture, which ultimately has a positive impact on their residual values.


Are Aston Martins a good investment?

Unless you are considering a limited edition model, such as the exceptionally rare and exotic One-77 or a V12 Zagato, it is not advisable to view Aston Martin's contemporary lineup as an investment opportunity. These vehicles are meant to be driven and enjoyed, and if and when the time comes to part ways with them, it is hoped that they can be sold without incurring significant financial loss.


A decade ago, acquiring the right classic Aston Martin was a shrewd decision, but the entire market is currently in a state of stagnation, and even less remarkable examples from various brands are experiencing what dealers and auctioneers prefer to term as an "adjustment." In simpler terms, this refers to a general decline or uncertainty across the market. If you are considering purchasing a classic Aston Martin as an investment, it is essential to be prepared to hold onto it for a considerable period of time.

How much to spend?

It is common for new Aston Martin vehicles to experience depreciation similar to other supercars. This often results in a significant drop in value during the first year of ownership. Generally, these cars are not considered investments unless they are limited edition models like the Zagato derivatives, which tend to maintain their value over time and can even appreciate.


On the other hand, the classic Aston Martin market has seen a positive trend, with older models fetching high prices. However, it is important to note that pricing can vary greatly, reflecting the rarity of certain models and the willingness of sellers to take risks. Therefore, it is advisable to approach the market with caution and prioritise factors such as the condition and history of the vehicle.

Finance options

The best way to finance an Aston Martin

There are several financing options available to help you acquire a new or pre-owned Aston Martin.

One such option is hire purchase, which allows you to make monthly payments towards the car and provides the opportunity to buy the vehicle outright at the end of a fixed-term contract.

Next there is Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) which allows you to keep, exchange or return the vehicle at the end of the agreement. This product is the most flexible form of car finance.

Once obtained, refinance is always an option. Refinance is a form of equity release that unlocks cash from your vehicle. The released funds can be used for whatever purpose you wish.




As previously mentioned, the operational expenses of owning a modern Aston Martin should not be underestimated. These vehicles tend to have a high fuel consumption and require specialized high-performance tires, making even day-to-day maintenance quite costly. However, collaborations with Ford and Mercedes in recent years have significantly improved the overall build quality of Aston Martin cars. As a result, they are generally reliable and unlikely to experience major issues. On the other hand, classic Aston Martins present a different set of considerations.


The DB and original Vantage series were meticulously handcrafted, resulting in each car being unique. While certain parts are readily available, the production of body panels requires individual craftsmanship to ensure a proper fit. Additionally, these cars are approaching 60 years of age and have likely undergone at least one restoration, if not more. It is important to note that previous restorations may have been subpar when the cars' values were not as high, potentially leading to hidden issues that may be uncovered during a comprehensive and expert restoration process.


The knowledge and skills needed to effectively maintain and fix vintage sports cars from the 1960s, especially the more unique ones, are becoming scarce, although not yet in extremely limited supply. Engaging the services of a qualified specialist may come at a higher cost, but it should be viewed as a worthwhile long-term investment.


On the other hand, contemporary Aston Martin vehicles are significantly less troublesome to manage due to their reliable engines and electronic control units. While they do come with higher operating and insurance expenses, they are comparable to similar offerings from Porsche or Ferrari.


When considering purchasing a new used Aston Martin, it is important to conduct thorough due diligence. This includes verifying that the vehicle has not been declared a write-off, stolen, or sold with outstanding finance still attached. Conducting an online HPI check can help uncover this information. However, when dealing with classic Aston Martins, there are additional complexities to consider. Questionable restorations and poorly executed repairs can be potential areas of concern. It is advisable to purchase from a reputable dealer whenever possible. If that is not feasible, arranging for an expert pre-purchase inspection is highly recommended.


The Aston Martin Owners' Club is a reputable and knowledgeable organization that offers valuable support and guidance throughout the entire ownership journey, including purchasing, owning, and maintaining an Aston Martin. Additionally, there are numerous independent specialists who have earned high regard in the industry. These specialists not only deal with the buying and selling of both vintage and modern Aston Martins but also provide expert servicing and repair services. It is advisable to exercise caution when considering purchasing an older Aston Martin privately or at an auction. Prior to making such a purchase, it is recommended to obtain an independent assessment to ensure a thorough evaluation of the vehicle's condition.


Aston Martin DB 12 

The classic... but improved 

Peak performance

Aston Martin is embarking on a new direction with the introduction of the DB12. The perception is that traditional Grand Tourers are no longer as relevant, leading to the development of a more dynamic and modernized version of the DB11. Aston Martin claims it to be the "world's first Super Tourer," although this term has been used before to describe vehicles like the Porsche 911 Turbo and Ferrari Roma, which straddle the line between GT and Supercar. The DB12 aims to position itself in that same category, targeting the intersection of GT and Supercar performance.


Aston Martin DBX 707

The lifestyle Aston Martin 

Practical Performance

The DBX707 represents a significant milestone, ushering in a new era of elevated standards for luxury SUVs. With its impressive power output of 707PS and exceptional handling capabilities, the DBX707 establishes itself as a force to be reckoned with. However, this SUV is not solely focused on power. It showcases remarkable engineering expertise, introducing innovative features such as a wet-plate clutch - a first in this segment - as well as retuned suspension, a carbon fibre propshaft, launch control, and incredibly powerful carbon ceramic brakes, the largest ever fitted to an Aston Martin production vehicle. This mastery of engineering seamlessly combines to deliver a thrilling performance, unparalleled dynamics, unmistakable style, and uncompromising luxury. 

DBX 707.jpeg

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