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Our Prestige, Supercar and Business Finance Broker, Matthew Martin was able to provide a customer with their dream car - a brand new Mclaren 720S Spider!

Matt was able to use our comprehensive 80+ lending panel to find the best finance options for his client and offer a personalised bespoke package in order for the client to achieve his dream car. The package consisted of a purchase price of £234,900.00, which needed a £23,490.00 deposit with monthly repayments of £2.355.48!

It is important to remember that the figures presented were specific to the actual client and each person's situation is different but here at Approved, we are dedicated to finding you the best possible finance option. If you’re interested in Supercars, Hypercard, Classic cars and EV vehicles, and would like to further discuss your motor finance options then please contact one of our Matthew Martin on 01908 429888 or email him at


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