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Discover the world of Jaguar through our comprehensive buyer's guide, where we unveil the elegance, performance, and luxury that make Jaguar cars a true embodiment of British craftsmanship.


Current Market

Peak Performance

Jaguar is a British luxury car manufacturer known for producing elegant and high-performance vehicles. The company has a storied history dating back to 1922 and has earned a reputation for crafting sophisticated cars that blend style, comfort, and performance. The Jaguar car market currently faces both opportunities and challenges:

SUV Segment: Like many luxury car manufacturers, Jaguar expanded its lineup to include SUVs to cater to the growing demand in this segment. The Jaguar F-PACE and Jaguar E-PACE were among the models that aimed to capitalize on the popularity of luxury SUVs.

Electric Vehicles: Jaguar introduced its all-electric SUV, the Jaguar I-PACE, showcasing the brand's commitment to eco-friendly technology and sustainability.

Declining Sedan Sales: The automotive industry, in general, was experiencing a shift in consumer preferences away from sedans towards SUVs and crossovers. This trend impacted traditional sedan sales, including Jaguar's XE and XF models.

Competition: The luxury car market is highly competitive, with Jaguar vying for market share against established competitors like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and newcomers like Tesla in the electric vehicle space.

Global Market Reach: Jaguar maintained a global presence, with a significant presence in markets such as Europe, North America, China, and other regions.


Are Jaguars a good investment? 

Jaguar vehicles display a varied reputation concerning their resale value. While some models, like the XF and F-Type, are praised for their ability to retain value and fetch high prices in the secondhand car market, others, particularly older cars with substantial mileage, may experience faster depreciation.

Resale value of Jaguars can be influenced by factors such as popularity and demand. Cars in high demand with a devoted following generally command higher prices in the secondhand market. The F-Type sports vehicle, for instance, has garnered popularity among drivers and maintained a strong resale value owing to its captivating design and potent engine.

Additionally, the cost of maintenance and repair is another crucial consideration. Jaguars, being premium vehicles, require regular upkeep and may entail higher repair expenses compared to more affordable options. This aspect can impact resale value, as potential buyers may be deterred by the prospect of expensive maintenance costs.

Financing options

The best way to finance a Jaguar

There are several financing options available to help you acquire a new or pre-owned Jaguar.

One such option is hire purchase, which allows you to make monthly payments towards the car and provides the opportunity to buy the vehicle outright at the end of a fixed-term contract.

Next there is Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) which allows you to keep, exchange or return the vehicle at the end of the agreement. This product is the most flexible form of car finance.

Once obtained, refinance is always an option. Refinance is a form of equity release that unlocks cash from your vehicle. The released funds can be used for whatever purpose you wish.


Things to consider:


One should always keep in mind that the expenses associated with owning a high-performance vehicle such as a Jaguar, go far beyond the upfront cost. It's essential to take into account the recurring costs of maintenance, including items like tires and brake pads. Additionally, fuel consumption should be considered. With Jaguar, you have a variety of different pricing options available. 


Certain Jaguar parts and maintenance expenses can be undeniably high, regardless of the measurement used. Owning a high-performance car entails going through tires approximately every 6,000 miles. While independent specialists can help mitigate costs to some extent, they too are subject to the notably steep prices of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

When insuring a Jaguar, the premiums may be comparatively lower, but the long-term costs can escalate due to the scarcity of parts and the specialised level of care required. It's crucial to consider the likelihood of engine or gearbox rebuilds and necessary bodywork for older models, particularly those susceptible to rust prior to 1997. Undertaking such repairs is inevitably costly.


The expenses associated with certain Jaguar parts and servicing are undeniably high, regardless of any measuring standard. High-performance cars often require replacement of their tires every 6,000 miles or so. While independent specialists can offer some cost-saving measures, they are still constrained by the notably steep prices of OEM parts. Insuring a Jaguar, depending on the model can actually be fairly affordable.


Jaguar F-Type

The most advanced one yet


The Jaguar F-TYPE represents the latest addition to a prestigious lineage of powerful, agile, and distinct sports cars. With its exhilarating performance, skillful handling, and cutting-edge technology, it offers an exceptional driving experience tailored to the driver.

The F-TYPE boasts advanced technology, ensuring it remains contemporary and special. The range features an efficient 2.0-liter 300PS Turbocharged Ingenium Petrol engine, setting new standards for performance. Standard with a highly responsive 10" Touchscreen, the car is equipped with Jaguar's most powerful infotainment system, Touch Pro. Additionally, a variety of driver assistance features are available, enhancing safety on every journey.

LED headlights improve night driving, providing a beam quality akin to daylight, reducing fatigue. Inside, the car features slim seats that save weight and provide enhanced space and comfort. Personalization options abound with finishers on interior details, adding to the car's allure.

With its racing heritage-inspired design, the Chequered Flag edition further accentuates the F-TYPE's sporty styling. Exclusive exterior features complement the overall look, while the contemporary and beautifully realized interior adds to its appeal. Driving the F-TYPE instills confidence and becomes an experience to relish.

new_jaguar_f-type_r_coupe_awd_sorrento_yellow-68 (1).jpg

Jaguar I-Pace

Best value for money

The executives dream

The Jaguar I-PACE is an all-electric luxury SUV, featuring a futuristic design, impressive performance, and a spacious interior. With instant torque from dual electric motors, it provides a dynamic driving experience and has a substantial driving range. The I-PACE offers advanced technology, including a modern infotainment system and safety features. It has garnered recognition with prestigious awards, making it a compelling choice for environmentally-conscious drivers seeking an upscale electric SUV.


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